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18 Jul 2024

Welcome Music Artist

I’m Ivan Serra, founder of website.
If you like it and want to tell us your story, I’d like to ask you and your musical instrument 3 questions, to be published with an article.

I created this space on the web because I am convinced that in addition to the skill of each artist, part of the merit of creating something extraordinary and experiencing incredible sensations belongs to our musical instrument.

That instrument that has always accompanied us taking us to other dimensions, and that both to ourselves and to millions of people, manages to convey our emotions

If he is one of the many protagonists, I think he deserves a space all about him!

For the first time we want to speak directly with them (The instruments) through the voice of the artists, let them tell us anecdotes, unique stories and how fundamental their role in music is in reality, and then, seeing that they are “accompanied” by the artist, let’s have a chat with him too.

Those who love music love their instrument with which they create it or simply play it Behind every artist there is a story to tell and behind each of these stories there is another story; that of the instrument, the one and only undisputed protagonist of these stories. And we want And we want to tell you about them!

  1. How many musical instruments do you own and can you tell us an anecdote about one or some of them?

  2. Can you tell us about your main instrument, its history and why it has become your number one?

  3. Why does it make him special compared to the others?

Could you kindly send us together with the answers, also photos of the instrument(s) with you or links on the internet with details on the models to INFO(AT)THESTORYINST.COM

We assume that your response to this interview means that you authorize us to publish the content you submit on our web page. Of course, you can request its removal as you are always the owner of the rights, whenever you want.

Thank you so much for your kind feedback and for helping us make the world a better place with your music and talent.

A big hug
Ivan Serra


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