There is a fine line between passion and work, which is not always easy to cross without tripping over it, at least unless you are Sandro Serra, who with simplicity manages to make his work his passion and his passion his work, like a masked superhero, crosses the line and wanders around by day as a drummer and teacher, and by night as a super guitarist.


During the day Sandro is a very ordinary person, even mingles with ordinary people, teaches and lectures his students, shines his skins REMO and daily embraces its historic snare drum from the SONOR, combined with its historic battery of the Drum Sound, he even acts as a testimonial for chopsticks from the Drum Art as if all this gear turns perfectly, after all, from a musician with a degree in drums do you expect him to do this?……ma not for him!!!


Because in the night everything changes, the powers of skins turn into strings, he puts on a mask and out of passion becomes a super guitarist, that guitarist who has saved millions of helpless citizens in Italy and at the Sonic of Orbassano, playing first with the Destruction and the Titor and now with his latest team; the Flowers. He discovered he had these guitar “powers” several years ago, raising his Fender Telecaster Cabronita to the sky and shouting << this is made in Mexico>>, delivered into his hands directly by the advice of“Robbo,” the Zeus of the historic “Friends of Roland.”


From the days of
and thesis to the discovery of powers and until last year, the transformation was happening almost every day, but we know that this 2020 has not left even superheroes like the Avengers and X-Men a chance.

But the powers of Sandro are beyond the commune, soon (as we all hope), he will return to wield his Cabronita with Flowers, evolving into a new overnight role also as a drummer with the Starlight. At this point the biggest problem will be your wife……has she figured out with which Sandro Passes the day and with which the night? , we suggest he watch the video interview to find out!

THE TOOLS: Which Sandro presented to us:




  • Model Name: Fender FSR USA Cabronita Telecaster MN, Butterscotch Blonde
  • Model Code: 0170148750
  • Series: Limited Edition
  • Body material: ash
  • Body shape: Telecaster
  • Finish: glossy urethane
  • Body Color: Butterscotch Blonde


  • Handle material: maple
  • Handle finish: satin urethane with glossy urethane headstock face
  • Scale length: 648 mm
  • Keyboard radius: 241 mm
  • Fingerboard: maple
  • Number of keys: 22
  • Key Size: Vintage Tall
  • capo: bone
  • Width of the nut: 42.8 mm
  • Key markers: black dots

Hardware and electronics

  • Bridge pickup: TV Jones Filter’Tron
  • Neck Pickup: TV Jones Filter’Tron
  • Controls: main volume
  • 3-position pickup switching: position 1. bridge pickup, position 2. bridge and neck pickups, position 3. neck pickup
  • Bridge: American Tele® with 6 stainless steel saddles
  • Mechanics: Fender ClassicGear™
  • Control knobs: flat knurled surface
  • Strings: nickel-plated steel (gauges.009, .011, .016, .024)
  • Pickguard: 1 layer black phenolic




The Flowers are a Rock Trio from Turin, with members of.
, Destruction, Brothers of Soledad, Warehouse, Intergalacticos, Dirty Set. Yes, yes, there are three of them.

What genre do the Flowers play?
. Of postpunk extraction. In Italian. Halfway between Minneapolis and Washington DC.

What are the sounds that influence Flowers’ songs?
guitar is distorted, the bass is quite prominent, and the drums are solid and brash. The songs are presented in a rather traditional form. There are choruses, stanzas, introductions and coda. There are no solos.