It is not for everyone to be invited to the home of Marco Carena, and having the pleasure of meeting the guitars that play songs like “I Love You” and “Serenade,” and talking to an artist who has sold over 100.000 copies of records, won Sanscemo and made it to the finals in Sanremo, in short, a privilege. Marco welcomed us with simplicity and enthusiasm, telling us anecdotes and stories about his artistic career, and introducing us to some of his musical instruments.

VIDEO INTERVIEW HERE (Only Italian Language) :

THE TOOLS: Which Marco presented to us:

The Godin Acousticaster L.R Bagg

A “particular” guitar, which I got to appreciate just during this meeting, ideal for an artist like Marco, an excellent acoustic sound without amplification, to play at home and equally appreciated sounds connected to an amplifier to play at concerts.

Accompanying him on all his live shows since 1995, he proudly describes it appreciating not only its sound but also its versatility and workmanship, however not exempt from minor modifications to improve its performance; Marco together with a luthier friend modified the tone plate and moved the battery housing to make them more efficient and convenient to replace.

Aria Aw200 acoustic

Other sisters keep him company in his home, a Aria Aw200 acoustic which Marco strums during moments of relaxation, and with whom he along with the Godin composes his pieces, and others we have not met but still had the pleasure of talking about; an Ovation, an Eko Ranger 12-string, an Fender Stratocaster and a Parker Fly.

AS Bruce Springsteen

Unfortunately, 30 minutes is never enough time for all that Marco he could have told us about his past and present artistic career, more than 30 years of musical life, imagine how many anecdotes how many experiences on stages and how many artistic friendships?

But we were content with that brief moment, which despite the critical period not only for music, made us for a moment return to a stage, and as Marco told us (you will find out by watching the video interview) feeling for another time Bruce Springsteen.


Singer-songwriter by vocation, stand-up comedian by accident. His trademark is a sarcastic-ironic vein, sometimes veined with humor-black, with which he desecrates everyday clichés.
Since the successes of Sanscemo first (1990) and Sanremo later (1991), he has been touring Italy with his shows that draw on the “theater-song” genre: monologues and songs of which he is the author.

From punk-rock-Italian to hard-edged singer-songwriter, from stage shows to musicals, films and TV dramas, he has collaborated with great artists such as Riccardo Cocciante, Skiantos and participated in well-known programs (Maurizio Costanzo Show, Fuoriclasse, Quelli che il calcio, etc.).
A forerunner of the times, with lyrics and songs he denounced, in an ironic way, such highly topical issues as marginalization, violence against women and environmental pollution.